Elite Athletes

“Practice does not make perfect it makes permanent”

“That which enhances performance prevents injury”

Laird Hamilton

 Dr. Liebenson, has helped numerous elite athletes, including:

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  • Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant
  • New York Knicks – Ron Artest / Metta World Peace
  • Washington Wizards – John Wall, Jan Vesely
  • Chicago Bulls – Mike Dunleavy, Jr.
  • Atlanta Hawks – Elton Brand
  • Former NBA Players -, Corey Maggette, , Quentin Ross, Sam Cassell
  • Former Utah Jazz and N.B.A. veteran – Howard Eisley


  • Major League Baseball Player, World Series MVP – Troy Glaus
  • Major League Baseball Player,  Jayson Werth – Washington Phillies http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jayson_Werth
  • Minor League Baseball Player, Steven Moss – Double AA Milwaukee Brewers
  • Consultant, Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Major League Baseball Player – Eric Byrnes – Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Major League Baseball Player – Chad Tracy – Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Major League Baseball Player,  Scott Kazmir – California Angels
  • Major League Baseball Player, Greg Dobbs – Florida Marlins
  • Major League Baseball Player, Chris Dickerson – Baltimore Orioles


  • NFL, Seattle Seahawks, Anthony McCoy & Malcolm Smith
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – Will Allen, Chris Carter
  • New Orleans Saints, Charles Brown
  • Oakland Raiders, Langston Walker
  • Philadelphia Eagles, Daniel Te’o Nesheim


  • Olympic Gold Medalist, Kyla Ross
  • Olympic Gold Medalist, McKayla Maroney



  • Olympic Gold Medalist – Julia Mancuso



  • Olympian, a Pan Am Games gold medalist and a Tour de France veteran – Christian van de Velde, Member of the U.S. Postal Service championship Tour de France team – Antonio Cruz



  • Boca Juniors Argentina Soccer Team – Marc Salomon


  • Iron Man Triathlete – Donna Phelan, EK Lidbury, Sarah Piampiano
  • Iron Man Triathelete Champion – Scott Walchek

Olympic Weight Lifting

  • Kendrick Ferris
  • Derrick Johnson

Power Lifting

  • WIll Nassif


  • Collette Debenedetto
  • Jessica Suver
  • Sandy Hill

SprintingLauren and Dr.Libenson_1

  • Lauren Williams

Martial Arts

  • Guro Dan Inosanto

In the modern, functional, sports medicine approach conditioning is viewed alongside injury prevention. The two really go hand and hand. For instance, the NFL recently incorporated European research on prevention of ankle and knee injuries via balance training.

Traditional cardiovascular, weight and flexibility training do not constitute an adequate foundation for fitness. The components of high-level fitness include agility, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility, strength, power, and speed . These all need to be considered as building blocks for enhanced sport-specific performance or injury prevention.

Principles from Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates are incorporated into L.A. Sports and Spine’s unique, cutting edge, functional-core workouts. Our goal is to improve the quality of your workout. Increasing your resistance or repetitions without assurance of underlying balance and “core” stability will not achieve the goal of enhanced performance or injury prevention. Once you have recovered from your injury or pain our preventive emphasis on supervised functional training workouts can give you the fitness edge you are looking for.

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