L.A. Sports & Spine is a unique center which treats and trains all people with the same craiglogo.agoal: to help YOU improve your quality of life. The spectrum of care involves pain management, rehabilitation & performance enhancement advice. Working with you, we will identify a program that meets your goals so you can commit fully and become empowered.


A unique tenet of the L.A.S.S. approach is that our methods are based on the principle of Developmental 10003876_654801574566489_383692409_n-1Kinesiology (DK). It take about 4.5 years for an infant to become stable in an upright position. The steps that we all went through are clearly mapped & these provide a perfect blueprint for how to train adults to recover from ailments & restore lost function.

What are some of the landmark developmental stages?

– At 6 weeks an infant can control it’s head/neck movement to orient towards the mother

– then the infant moves onto it’s belly and forms the lower back arch necessary to stand up by perform a sphinx & finally a cobra

– at 3.5 months the baby on it’s back assumes what amounts to a full squat position (the “dying bug”)

– by 6 months the baby can grab both feet simultaneously – “the happy baby”

– at 7.5 months the baby can sit up w/ a straight spine in the oblique sitting position (part of a “get up”)

– this is followed by going into quadruped for crawling, then bear position


– a full deep squat around 12 months (like an Asian)

– at 4.5 years can stand upright on 1 leg and balance with eyes closed!


Unfortunately, our modern societies place an ever greater burden on our program for desk-skeletonupright posture due to sitting & sedentarism. We evolved over 200,000 years ago into an upright species and now are polluting this central nervous system program. Modern pain management systems place too much emphasis on our “hardware” (x-ray, MRI signs of degeneration) instead of the simple path of re-booting our bodies “software”. DK assessment, therapy & training exercises such as “micro-breaks” can help get our bodies out of “safe” mode.

As our modern populations live longer the quality of life is not always ideal. In fact, we arenew-2 facing an epidemic of  illnesses such as diabetes and chronic pain which affect our lifestyle. Yet, there is much that can be done to improve the quality of life. A recent European conference described an empowering new approach.

Our clinical work focuses on orthopedic & functional assessment, acute pain management,16903414_1278299848902617_4109276984510908572_o rehabilitation & athletic development.  The L.A.S.S. approach to such activity limiting problems is to customize a science-based, gentle approach combining ergonomic, nutritional, mindfulness, soft tissue, and self-care methods. In this YouTube  learn about revolutionary new modern neuroscience insights into pain and how we can better manage it.

To schedule an appointment call us at (310) 470-2909.

If you are an L.A.S.S. patient and would like to share your experience with others please feel free to do so below in the REPLY section.

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