About LA Sports & Spine


L.A. Sports & Spine is a unique center which treats and trains all people with the same goal: tohelp YOU improve your quality of life. The spectrum of care involves pain management, rehabilitation & performance enhancement advice. Working with you, we will identify a program that meets your goals so you can commit fully and become empowered.

A unique tenet of the L.A.S.S. approach is that our methods are based on the principle of Developmental Kinesiology (DK). It take about 4.5 years for an infant to become stable in an upright position. The steps that we all went through are clearly mapped & these provide a perfect blueprint for how to train adults to recover from ailments & restore lost function.

10003876_654801574566489_383692409_n-1What are some of the landmark developmental stages?

– At 6 weeks an infant can control its head/neck movement to orient towards the mother

– then the infant moves onto it’s belly and forms the lower back arch necessary to stand up by perform a sphinx & finally a cobra

– at 3.5 months the baby on it’s back assumes what amounts to a full squat position (the “dying bug”)

– by 6 months the baby can grab both feet simultaneously – “the happy baby”

– at 7.5 months the baby can sit up w/ a straight spine in the oblique sitting position (part of a “get up”)

– this is followed by going into quadruped for crawling, then bear position


– a full deep squat around 12 months (like an Asian)

– at 4.5 years can stand upright on 1 leg and balance with eyes closed!


Unfortunately, our modern societies place an ever greater burden on our program for upright posture due to sitting & sedentarism. We evolved over 200,000 years ago into an upright species and now are polluting this central nervous system program. Modern pain management systems place too much emphasis on our “hardware” (x-ray, MRI signs of degeneration) instead of the simple path of re-booting our bodies “software”. DK assessment, therapy & training exercises such as “micro-breaks” can help get our bodies out of “safe” mode.


As our modern populations live longer the quality of life is not always ideal. In fact, we are facing an epidemic of  illnesses such as diabetes and chronic pain which affect our lifestyle. Yet, there is much that can be done to improve the quality of life. A recent European conference described an empowering new approach.



Our clinical work focuses on orthopedic & functional assessment, acute pain management, rehabilitation & athletic development.  The L.A.S.S. approach to such activity limiting problems is to customize a science-based, gentle approach combining ergonomic, nutritional, mindfulness, soft tissue, and self-care methods. In this YouTube  learn about revolutionary new modern neuroscience insights into pain and how we can better manage it.

To schedule an appointment call us at (310) 470-2909.

If you are an L.A.S.S. patient and would like to share your experience with others please feel free to do so below in the REPLY section.

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